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Chapter 2. Working Within the Flash Environment > Setting Warning Preferences

Setting Warning Preferences

Flash provides warning messages when you perform actions that might create problems for your document or lose important data. The warnings help you avoid compatibility problems with Flash MX and character corruption from encoding, which makes your document readable, such as Western Europe (Windows), and let you know about missing fonts, URL changes, and symbol conversion. Additional warnings let you know when importing audio and video content inserts frames and when exporting a document to Flash version 6 r65 takes place.

Set Warning Preferences

Click the Flash (Professional) (Mac) or Edit (Win) menu, and then click Preferences.

Click the Warnings tab.

Select from the following check boxes:

  • Warn On Save For Macromedia Flash MX Compatibility. When you try to save documents with content specific to Flash MX 2004 (Pro).

  • Warn On Missing Fonts. When you open a Flash document that uses fonts that are not installed on your computer.

  • Warn On URL Changes In Launch And Edit. If the URL for a document has changed since the last time you opened or edited it.

  • Warn On Reading Generator Content. Displays a red X over any Generator objects to indicate the objects are not supported by Flash MX 2004.

  • Warn On Inserting Frames When Importing Content. When Flash inserts frames in a document while you import audio or video files.

  • Warn On Encoding Conflicts When Exporting. When selecting Default Encoding creates data lost or corruption. When you create a document with different language characters and select Default Encoding on a specific system corrupts the other languages.

  • Warn On Conversion Of Effect Graphic Objects. When you attempt to edit a symbol with Timeline effects applied to it.

  • Warn On Exporting To Flash Player 6 r65. When you export a document to this earlier version of the Flash Player.

  • Warn On Sites With Overlapped Root Folder. When you create a site in which the local root folder overlaps with another site.

  • Warn On Behavior Symbol Conversion. When you covert a symbol with a behavior attached to a symbol of a different type.

  • Warn On Symbol Conversion. When you convert a symbol to a symbol of a different type.

Click OK.



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