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Chapter 12. Working with Video > Working with the Media Display Component

Working with the Media Display Component

The Flash Media Display component lets you load an FLV or MP3 file into a Flash movie. The Media Display component gives you an easy way to create a placeholder for a video file, without any play, pause, or rewind buttons. This component is an excellent choice for inserting self-running video files into a Flash document such as an introduction, or slide show.

Work with the Media Display Component

Click the Window menu, and then click the Components and Component Inspector panels.

Click the Media Components Expand triangle.

Drag the Media Display component onto the Stage, and then select the component.

Did You Know?

You can use more than one Media Display component. Drag two or more Media Display components on the screen to load and run more than one video file. However, since running multiple video files may cause a slowdown of the entire movie, use them only if they're necessary.

In the Component Inspector panel, click the Parameters tab.

Click FLV.

Enter the URL of the Flash movie file.

Select the Automatically Play check box to have the video automatically play when loaded.

Select the Use Preferred Media Size check box to display the video using the original files width and height.

Select the Respect Aspect Ratio check box to keep the videos width and height in proportion.

Click the plus sign (+) to add cue points to the video file, using hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.

Click the Control menu, and then click Test Movie to test the video in the Flash player.



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