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Chapter 12. Working with Video > Working with Media Player for Streaming Video

Working with Media Player for Streaming Video

It seems obvious that you would want to keep Flash movies that contain video relatively small, in order to minimize the download time of the file. However, since Flash uses streaming technology (the file begins playing before it's totally downloaded), it's more important to think about the amount of time before the movie plays. For example, a Flash movie that might take 3 minutes to download may only take about 15 seconds before it starts playing. That's what streaming is all about. The Flash Media Player component lets you load and control streaming media files in the FLV, or MP3 formats, into a Flash movie.

Work with the Media Playback Component

Click the Window menu, and then click the Components and Component Inspector panels.

Click the Media Components Expand triangle.

Drag the MediaPlayback Component onto the Stage, and then select the component.

In the Component Inspector panel, click the Parameters tab.

Click FLV.

Enter the URL of the Flash movie file.

Select the Automatically Play check box to have the video automatically play when loaded.

Select the Use Preferred Media Size check box to display the video using the original files width and height.

Select the Respect Aspect Ratio check box to keep the videos width and height in proportion.

Select Top, Bottom, Left, or Right for the placement of the control panel.

Select Auto, On, or Off to control when the control panel appears with the video.

Click the plus sign (+) to add cue points to the video file, using hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.

Click the Control menu, and then click Test Movie to test the video in the Flash player.



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