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Chapter 11. Working with Sounds > Syncing Sounds to the Timeline

Syncing Sounds to the Timeline

When you sync a sound to the Timeline you're essentially instructing Flash how to play the sound. Syncing sounds is a fundamental operation because choosing the wrong sync operation can drastically change how the sound plays out during the execution of the Flash movie. Flash gives you the ability to choose a separate sync operation for each individual sound file. When you place the sound on the Timeline, the Properties panel displays the audio properties for the selected sound, and lets you define individual properties for every sound in your Flash document. For example, you have a background music sound that's located in several scenes, and you want to make sure it doesn't play on top of itself (Sync: Stop). In addition, you have a narration that you want perfectly synced to an animation on the Timeline (Sync: Stream).

Sync Sounds to the Timeline

Select a sound file on the Timeline.

Click the Window menu, and then click Properties.

Click the Sync popup, and then select from the following options:

  • Event. When you select Event (default) the sound plays when the record head reaches the keyframe containing the sound, and continues to play until the end of the sound. If the record head reaches another keyframe that contains the same sound, it will begin playing on top of the original sound.

  • Start. Doesn't allow the sound to play on top of itself.

  • Stop. Stops a sound if it is already playing, without affecting any other sounds.

  • Stream. The Stream Sync creates sounds synchronized to the Timeline. Useful for matching sounds to a particular visual event in the movie. If the video can not keep up with the audio, Flash will automatically drop video frames to keep the audio synchronized.



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