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Editing Sounds

Flash is not a major sound editing application. For example, you can't trim or cut audio files, nor can you enhance audio or reduce hum and background noises. Flash expects all that to be done before you import the file. However, you do have some control over when the sound begins and ends (time in, and time out), and you do have control over the volume (fade in and fade out). Making sure that your audio file is clean and smooth flowing, will help with the quality of your audio file.

Work with Edit Envelope

Select a keyframe on the Timeline that contains an audio file.

Click the Window menu, and then click Properties.

Click the Edit button.

Click the Effect popup, and then select from the following options:

  • Left Channel

  • Right Channel

  • Fade Left To Right

  • Fade Right To Left

  • Fade In

  • Fade Out

  • Custom

Drag the Time In marker to the right to change where the audio file begins.

Drag the Time Out marker to the left to change where the audio file ends (the Time Out marker appears at the end of the audio file).

Click the Envelope lines to adjust the volume on the right or left channels.

Use the Zoom buttons to increase or decrease the size audio file in the edit window.

Click the Play or Stop buttons to test the changes to the audio file.

Click the Time Marker buttons to change the marker code from frames to seconds.

Click OK to save your changes.

IMPORTANT Adjusting an audio file using Edit Envelope only impacts the select instance of the audio file. The original audio file (in the Library) is unaffected by these changes.



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