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Chapter 4. Working with Groups, Symbols,... > Using Button Symbols - Pg. 187

Working with Groups, Symbols, and Instances 187 Using Button Symbols Use buttons to add interactivity to your movie. Button symbols have their own four-frame Timeline. The first three frames define the states of the button: up, over, and down. The first frame is the Up state, which is the appearance of the button when in its normal, non-active state. The second frame is the Over state, which is triggered when the user places their mouse over the button. The third frame is the Down state, which appears when the user presses the button with their mouse. The fourth frame--which is invisible outside of the symbol editing mode--defines the active area. This is the area that the user must place their mouse over to activate the other states of the button. You can assign actions to instances of buttons that tell Flash what to do when the button is clicked.