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Chapter 22. Using Flash MX Professional ... > Mapping MIDI Device Sounds

Mapping MIDI Device Sounds

Every day the world is getting smaller, and mobile devices are getting smaller, and smarter. Using Flash MX Professional 2004, you can include event sounds when creating documents for playback on mobile devices. Flash does not support sound file formats used for mobile devices (such as MIDI and others); when authoring for mobile devices, you must temporarily place a proxy sound in a supported format such as .mp3, .wav, or .aif in the Flash document. The proxy sound in the document is then mapped to an external mobile device sound, such as a MIDI file. During the document publishing process, the proxy sound is replaced with the linked external sound. The .swf file generated contains the external sound and uses it for playback on a mobile device.

Map MIDI Device Sounds

Click the File menu, click Import, and then import one or more sounds into the Flash Library.

Press Control+click (Mac) or right-click (Win) the sound you want to work with, and then select Properties.

Enter a path to the location where the mobile device sound is located.

Click OK.

Add a button instance to the Stage.

IMPORTANT You can use a pre-made Flash button. Click the Window menu, point to Other Panels, point to Common Libraries, and then click Buttons.

Open the button in the Library, and then add the linked sound to the Hit frame of the button.

Click the File menu, and then click Publish Settings.

Click the Flash tab.

Click the Version popup, and then click Flash Lite 1.0. The Export device sounds option is automatically selected.

Click OK.

The .swf file now contains the linked mobile device sound.

Click the Control menu, and then click Test Movie.

Click the Control menu, and then click Disable Keyboard Shortcuts.

Press Tab to select the button, and then press Enter or Return to play the sound.

The mobile device sound has been modified to emulate the Flash .swf file sound.



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