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Chapter 22. Using Flash MX Professional ... > Creating and Managing a Project

Creating and Managing a Project

In Flash MX Professional 2004, you can manage multiple document files within a Flash Project. A Flash Projects lets you group multiple and related files together to help you keep track of complex applications. In addition, Flash lets you apply version-control to ensure that the correct file versions are used during editing, and to prevent accidental overwriting. A Flash Project is essentially a collection of any Flash or other file types; including previous Flash .swf and .fla files. A Flash Project is an XML file with a file extension of .flp. The XML file contains references to the entire group of associated document files contained within the Flash Project. When you open an existing project, the Project panel gives you instant access to all the various parts of the project. The Flash Project panel is used to create and manage projects. The Project panel displays the contents of a Flash Project using a collapsible tree structure. Flash limits you to opening or creating one project at a time. In addition, any changes made to the project are automatically saved to the .flp file, it's not necessary to perform a Save operation.

Create and Manage a Project

Click the Window menu, and then click Projects.

Click the Create a New Project link.

Name the new project, and then choose a location to save the project .flp file.

Click Save.

IMPORTANT Click the Open button in the Project panel, to open an existing project (you will be prompted to locate the project file name in the File Find dialog box).

Select the New Project folder, located in the Project panel.

Click the Add Folder button to add a nested folder to the project.

Type the folder name, and then click OK.

Click the Add File button to add files to the project.

Click the Trashcan button to delete a selected project asset.



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