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Creating a Form Screen

Flash MX Professional 2004 lets you create form screens for documents, such as: online registration forms or even e-commerce forms. Form screens are actually containers that you add structure and organization to a form-based application. A form screen has functionality designed for a nonlinear, form-based application, with multiple options available in one visual space. Use form screens when you want to manage the visibility of individual screens yourself. For example, you could use forms to create an interactive search engine, or an interactive data collection form.

Create a Form Screen

Click the File menu, and then click New.

Click the General tab.

Click Flash Form Application.

Click OK.

This creates a default application with two nested form screens.

Add a backdrop to the application form by creating it directly in Flash, or by using a graphic image (optional).

Select form1.

Add the required UI components to form1.

IMPORTANT The application form is the parent of the other forms within the application. Anything you put on that form will also appear on any of its child forms.

See Also

See Chapter 17 “Adding Display Components” on page 371 for more information on adding interactive components to a Flash document.

Click the Insert Screen button (+).

Add component buttons to the second screen, and then use the Component Inspector panel to link the buttons to the form.

Click the Control menu, and then click Test movie.



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