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Troubleshooting > Sound - Pg. 662

Troubleshooting 662 Sound How can I bring a sound into the Stage Can I use audio in the Timeline Is there a location where I can store all my audio files Can I use audio in an ActionScript How can I play and stop sound in my Flash document Is there a way that I can allow my visitors to my Web site to not activate the sound file I have a great MP3 music file, can I use this in a Flash movie I need to loop a sound file I'd like to be able to edit my sound file so that only a certain portion of it plays in my document Are there any special settings that need to be turned on to use audio in my document Text What is static text I need to change my text for my document to Helvetica What is tracking and kerning I'm trying to make my text box vertical and it's not working Can I center align my text I need to set my left and right margins The letters in my text field are in little boxes