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Chapter 21. Publishing a Movie > Specifying GIF Options

Specifying GIF Options

When you publish a Flash document, you're not limited to just the creation of the Flash movie, you can instruct Flash to create a GIF image of the Flash movie, based on the currently selected frame. The GIF file format (Graphics Interchange Format) is used primarily for clipart, text, and line art, or for images that contain areas of solid color. Once the image is created, you can open and use it in any application that supports the GIF file format.

Specify GIF Options

Select a specific frame on the Timeline.

Click the File menu, and then click Publish Settings.

Select the GIF check box, and then click the GIF tab.

Enter a Width and Height (in pixels) for the JPEG image, or select the Match Movie check box, to create a JPEG image that matches the size of the Flash movie.

Select from the following Playback options:

  • Static. Prevents the GIF animation from playing.

  • Animated. Animates the GIF document.

  • Loop Continuously. Forces the animation into a continuous loop.

  • Repeat. Enter a value representing the number of times the file loops.

Select from the following Options:

  • Optimize Colors. Creates an optimized (smaller) set of colors for the active document.

  • Interlace. Creates an interlaced image where the file, when displayed on a Web page, loads in three passes.

  • Smooth. Uses a color dithering scheme to create visually smoother color transitions.

  • Dither Solids. Dithers (mixes) solid colors if they fall outside of the viewable color gamut.

  • Remove Gradients. Removes gradients from the active image.

Click the Transparent popup, and then click Opaque, Transparent, or Alpha.

The Alpha transparency mask generates transparent areas within the GIF image.

Click the Dither popup, and then click None, Ordered, or Diffusion.

Click the Palette Type popup, and then click Web 216, Adaptive, Web Snap Adaptive, or Custom.

Enter a number for the Maximum Colors.

This is available for Adaptive and Web Snap Adaptive. Flash lets you select how many colors are available for the image's color table.

Click to select a color table for the Custom Palette Type.

Click OK to save the GIF settings.



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