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Chapter 21. Publishing a Movie > Specifying HTML Options

Specifying HTML Options

The most common ways to display a Flash movie is on the Internet, using an HTML document as the movie container. Flash publish settings give you the ability to create an HTML document specifically tailored to the active Flash document; including options to control the playback and quality of the final published document.

Specify HTML Options

Click the File menu, and then click Publish Settings.

Select the HTML check box, and then click the HTML tab.

Click the Template popup, and then select a Flash container template (including templates for PocketPC devices).

Enter a Width and Height (in pixels) for the JPEG image, or select the Match Movie option, to create a JPEG image that matches the size of the Flash movie.

Select from the following Playback options:

  • Paused At Start. Select this option to pause the Flash movie, when loaded.

  • Loop. Select this option to cause the Flash movie to loop, when loaded.

  • Display Menu. Select this option to have the HTML document display a control menu for the Flash document.

  • Device Font. Select this option to use device fonts in the Flash document.

Click the Quality popup to select a quality level for the document.

Click the Window Mode popup to select a mode for opening the Flash document.

Click the HTML Alignment popup to select the alignment of the HTML page.

Click the Scale popup to select how to scale the Flash document, when loaded into the HTML page.

Click the Horizontal and Vertical popups to select how the Flash document is aligned with in the HTML page.

Click OK to save the HTML settings.



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