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Chapter 21. Publishing a Movie > Modifying Publish Settings

Modifying Publish Settings

Once you've determined how your project will be published, it's time to let Flash assist you with all the details of getting your project from conception to an output file suited to your needs. Flash's publishing settings go far beyond converting a Flash source file (.fla) into a published movie (.swf); they give you the ability to adjust the output to a specific version of the Flash player, incorporate new Flash MX 2004 compression features, and even save screen shots of the source file's frames in several different formats. And, if a Flash movie is not what you're after, you can even save a Flash source file as a QuickTime movie. To utilize this feature, you may need to download the latest version of the QuickTime player; point your browser to www.quicktime.com. It's free and works equally well within the Windows, or the Macintosh environments.

Modify Publish Settings

Open a Flash source document.

Generic publish settings are initially linked to a specific Flash file.

Click the File menu, and then click Publish Settings.

Select or clear the option check boxes to enable or disable the Publish Settings.

Enter a name for the individual options in the File name input box.

Click the Use Default Names button to revert the names to default.

The default name refers to the name of the source document.

Click OK to save the changes.

IMPORTANT When you publish a Flash movie, the changes only effect the published .swf document, never the .fla source document. If you delete or misplace the .fla source document, you will never be able to re-edit, or republish the movie.



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