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Chapter 21. Publishing a Movie > Exporting and Importing a Profile

Exporting and Importing a Profile

Saving Flash profiles are a great way to cut down on repetitive publish settings. However, the disadvantage is the user-defined settings only relate to the original source document. If you open a new file, you're starting from scratch. It would be great to be able to create a series of setting files, and then use them over and over again on new Flash document. Flash understood this need, and gave Flash users the ability to create settings files, and then export them as a separate file. Then, if you need to use the settings in a new Flash document, all you have to do is import the settings file. Exporting Dreamweaver profiles gives you the ability to use the profile on multiple Flash projects. In addition, you can send copies of exported profiles to other Flash users, so they can benefit from your efforts. When you export a Flash profile, you have the ability to reuse it, via the Import option. It's a good idea to save (export) all of your profiles into a single location. That way, when you go to import a specific profile, you will know exactly where to point your finder.

Export a Profile

Click the File menu, and then click Publish Settings.

Click the Current Profile popup, and then select the profile you want to export.

Click the Import/Export Profile button, and then click Export.

Select a location to hold the exported profile.

Click Save.



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