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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

If a command on a menu includes a keyboard reference, known as a keyboard shortcut, to the right of the command name, you can perform the action by pressing and holding the first key, and then pressing the second key to perform the command quickly. In some cases, a keyboard shortcut uses three keys. Simply press and hold the first two keys, and then press the third key. Keyboard shortcuts provide an alternative to using the mouse and make it easy to perform repetitive commands.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Arrow tool (select in Toolbox)VV
Arrow tool (temporary access)Ctrl
Brush tool (select in Toolbox)BB
Constrain (ovals to circles, rectangles to squares, lines and rotation to 45-degree angles)Shift+dragShift+drag
Convert corner point to curve point (Subselection tool)Alt+dragOption+drag
Create new corner point (Arrow tool)Alt+drag a lineOption+drag a line
Drag a copy of selected elementAlt+dragOption+drag
Drag a copy of selected keyframe unit in TimelineAlt+dragOption+drag
Dropper tool (select in Toolbox)II
End open path (Pen tool)Ctrl+click+click
Eraser tool (select in Toolbox)EE
Fill Transform tool (select in Toolbox)FF
Free Transform tool (select in Toolbox)QQ
Hand tool (select in Toolbox)HH
Hand tool (temporary access)SpacebarSpacebar
Select the StageCtrl+Alt+Home+Option+Home
Select object on the Stage (with Stage selected)TabTab
Show/Hide all but one layerAlt+click active layer's eye columnOption+click active layer's eye column
Ink bottle tool (select in Toolbox)SS
Lasso tool (select in Toolbox)LL
Line tool (select in Toolbox)NN
Lock/unlock all but one layerAlt+click active layer's lock columnOption+click active layer's lock column
Magnifier tool (select in Toolbox)M,ZM,Z
Magnifier zoom-in tool (temporary access)Ctrl+Spacebar+Spacebar
Magnifier zoom-out tool (temporary access)Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar+Shift+Spacebar
Move keyframe unit in TimelineClick+and+dragClick+and+drag
Nudge selected element down 10 pixelsShift+Down arrowShift+Down arrow
100% (View)View > MagnificationCtrl+1+1
400% (View)View > MagnificationCtrl+4+4
800% (View)View > MagnificationCtrl+8+8
Accessibility Panel (Show/Hide)Window > Other PanelsAlt+F2Option+F2
Actions Panel (Show/Hide)Window > Dev. PanelsF9F9
Add Shape HintModify > ShapeCtrl+Shift+H+Shift+H
Align (Objects) BottomModify > AlignCtrl+Alt+6+Option+6
Align (Objects) LeftModify > AlignCtrl+Alt+1+Option+1
Align (Objects) RightModify > AlignCtrl+Alt+3+Option+3
Align (Objects) to Stage (toggle)Modify > AlignCtrl+Alt+8+Option+8
Align (Objects) TopModify > AlignCtrl+Alt+4+Option+4
Align (Text) CenterText > AlignCtrl+Shift+C+Shift+C
Align (Text) LeftText > AlignCtrl+Shift+L+Shift+L
Align (Text) RightText > AlignCtrl+Shift+R+Shift+R
Align Panel (Show/Hide)Window > Design PanelsCtrl+K+K
Anti-alias TextView > Preview ModeCtrl+Alt+Shift+T+Shift+Option+T
Anti-aliasView > Preview ModeCtrl+Alt+Shift+A+Shift+Option+A
Auto FormatActions Panel OptionsCtrl+Shift+F+Shift+F
Bandwidth Profiler (Show/Hide)View (Test Movie mode)Ctrl+B+B
Behavior Panel (Show/Hide)Window > Dev. PanelsShift+F3Shift+F3
Bold (Text)Text > StyleCtrl+Shift+B+Shift+B
Break ApartModifyCtrl+B+B
Bring (Selected Item) to FrontModify > ArrangeCtrl+Shift+Up+Shift+Up
Bring (Selected Item) ForwardModify > ArrangeCtrl+Up+Up
Center Horizontal (Objects)Modify > AlignCtrl+Alt+5+Option+5
Center Vertical (Objects)Modify > AlignCtrl+Alt+2+Option+2
Check SyntaxActions Panel OptionsCtrl+T+T
Clear FramesEdit > TimelineAlt+BackspaceOption+Delete
Clear (Stage)EditBackspace or DeleteDelete or Clear
Clear KeyframeModify > TimelineShift+F6Shift+F6
Close (File)FileCtrl+W+W
Color Mixer Panel (Show/Hide)Window > Design PanelsShift+F9Shift+F9
Color Swatches Panel (Show/Hide)Window > Design PanelsCtrl+F9+F9
Component Inspector Panel (Show/Hide)Window > Dev. PanelsAlt+F7Option+F7
Components Panel (Show/Hide)Window > Dev. PanelsCtrl+F7+F7
ContinueControl (Test Movie mode)F10F10
Convert to Blank KeyframesModify > TimelineF7F7
Convert to KeyframesModify > TimelineF6F6
Convert to SymbolModifyF8F8
Copy (Selection)EditCtrl+C+C
Copy FramesEdit > TimelineCtrl+Alt+C+Option+C
Cut (Selection)EditCtrl+X+X
Cut FramesEdit > TimelineCtrl+Alt+X+Option+X
Debug MovieControlCtrl+Shift+Enter+Shift+Return
Debugger Panel (Show/Hide)Window > Dev. PanelsShift+F4Shift+F4
Decrease (Tracking)Text > TrackingCtrl+Alt+Left+Option+Left
Default (Publishing)File > Publish PreviewF12F12
Deselect AllEditCtrl+Shift+A+Shift+A
Distribute HeightsModify > AlignCtrl+Alt+9+Option+9
Distribute to LayersModify > TimelineCtrl+Shift+D+Shift+D
Distribute WidthsModify > AlignCtrl+Alt+7+Option+7
Document PropertiesModifyCtrl+J+J
Duplicate (Selection)EditCtrl+D+D
Edit GridView > GridCtrl+Alt+G+Option+G
Edit GuidesView > GuidesCtrl+Alt+Shift+G+Shift+Option+G
Edit SymbolsEditCtrl+E+E
Enable Simple ButtonsControlCtrl+Alt+B+Option+B
Export ScriptActions Panel OptionsCtrl+Shift+X+Shift+X
Export MovieFile > ExportCtrl+Alt+Shift+S+Shift+Option+S
Fast (View)View > Preview ModeCtrl+Alt+Shift+F+Shift+Option+F
Find and ReplaceEditCtrl+F+F
Find NextEditF3F3
First (Scene)View > Go toHomeHome
Frame (Add)Insert > TimelineF5F5
Frame-by-Frame Graph (Show)View (Test Movie mode)Ctrl+F+F
Go to LineActions Panel OptionsCtrl+G+, [comma]
Grid (Show/Hide)View > GridCtrl+'+'
Group (Selected Items)ModifyCtrl+G+G
Guides (Show/Hide)View > GuidesCtrl+;+;
Hide Edges (Show/Hide Selection Highlight)ViewCtrl+H+Shift+E
Hide PanelsWindowF4F4
History Panel (Show/Hide)Window > Other PanelsCtrl+F10+F10
Import to StageFile > ImportCtrl+R+R
Import ScriptActions Panel OptionsCtrl+Shift+I+Shift+I
Increase (Tracking)Text > TrackingCtrl+Alt+Right+Option+Right
Info Panel (Show/Hide)Window > Design PanelsCtrl+I+I
Italic (Text)Text > StyleCtrl+Shift+I+Shift+I
Justify (Text)Text > AlignCtrl+Shift+J+Shift+J
Last (Scene)View > Go toEndEnd
Library Panel (Show/Hide)WindowCtrl+L, F11+L, F11
List ObjectsDebug (Test Movie mode)Ctrl+L+L
List VariablesDebug (Test Movie mode)Ctrl+Alt+V+Option+V
Lock (Group)Modify > ArrangeCtrl+Alt+L+Option+L
Lock GuidesView > GuideCtrl+Shift+;Shift+Option+;
Make Same HeightModify > AlignCtrl+Shift+Alt+9+Option+Shift+9
Make Same WidthModify > AlignCtrl+Shift+Alt+7+Option+Shift+7
Movie Explorer Panel (Show/Hide)Window > Other PanelsAlt+F3Option+F3
New (File)FileCtrl+N+N
New SymbolInsertCtrl+F8+F8
New WindowWindowCtrl+Alt+K+Option+K
Next (Scene)View > Go toPage DownPage Down
Open (File)FileCtrl+O+O
Open External LibraryFileCtrl+Shift+O+Shift+O
Optimize (Curves)Modify > ShapeCtrl+Alt+Shift+C+Shift+Option+C
Outlines (View As)View > Preview ModeCtrl+Alt+Shift+O+Shift+Option+O
Output Panel (Show/Hide)Window > Dev. PanelsF2F2
Panels (Show/Hide, plus Toolbar)WindowF4F4
Paste (Clipboard Contents)EditCtrl+V+V
Paste FramesEdit > TimelineCtrl+Alt+V+Option+V
Paste In PlaceEditCtrl+Shift+V+Shift+V
Plain (Text)Text > StyleCtrl+Shift+P+Shift+P
Play (Movie)ControlEnterReturn
Previous (Scene)View > Go toPage UpPage Up
Project Panel (Show/Hide)WindowShift+F8Shift+F8
Properties Panel (Show/Hide)WindowCtrl+F3+F3
Publish PreviewFile > Publish PreviewF12F12
Publish SettingsFileCtrl+Shift+F12Option+Shift+F12
Quit (Exit)FileCtrl+Q+Q
Remove All BreakpointsControl (Test Movie mode)Ctrl+Shift+A+Shift+A
Remove BreakpointControl (Test Movie mode)Ctrl+Shift+B+Shift+B
Remove FramesEdit > TimelineShift+F5Shift+F5
Remove TransformModify > TransformCtrl+Shift+Z+Shift+Z
ReplaceActions Panel OptionsCtrl+H+Shift+H
Reset (Tracking)Text > TrackingCtrl+Alt+Up+Option+Up
Rotate 90 CCWModify > TransformCtrl+Shift+7+Shift+7
Rotate 90 CWModify > TransformCtrl+Shift+9+Shift+9
Rulers (Show/Hide)ViewCtrl+Alt+Shift+R+Shift+Option+R
Save AsFileCtrl+Shift+S+Shift+S
Scene Panel (Show/Hide)Window > Design PanelShift+F12Shift+F12
Select AllEditCtrl+A+A
Select All FramesEdit > TimelineCtrl+Alt+A+Option+A
Send (selected item) to backModify > ArrangeCtrl+Shift+Down+Shift+Down
Send (selected item) backwardModify > ArrangeCtrl+Down+Down
Shape Hints (Show/Hide)ViewCtrl+Alt+H+Option+H
Show AllView > MagnificationCtrl+3+3
Show Code HintActions Panel OptionsCtrl+SpacebarControl+Spacebar
Show FrameView > MagnificationCtrl+2+2
Show GridView > GridCtrl+' (apostrophe)+Shift+' (apostrophe)
Show GuidesView > GuidesCtrl+;+;
Simulate DownloadView (Test Movie mode)Ctrl+Enter+Return
Snap to GridView > SnappingCtrl+Shift+' (apostrophe)+Shift+' (apostrophe)
Snap to GuidesView > SnappingCtrl+Shift+;+Shift+;
Snap to ObjectsView > SnappingCtrl+Shift+/ (slash)+Shift+/ (slash)
Step BackwardControl, (comma), (comma)
Step ForwardControl. (period). (period)
Step InControl (Test Movie mode)F6F6
Step OutControl (Test Movie mode)F8F8
Step OverControl (Test Movie mode)F7F7
Stop DebuggingControl (Test Movie mode)F11F11
Streaming Graph (Show/Hide)View (Test Movie mode)Ctrl+G+G
Strings Panel (Show/Hide)Window > Other PanelsCtrl+F11+F11
Test MovieControlCtrl+Enter+Return
Test SceneControlCtrl+Alt+Enter+Option+Return
Test ProjectControlCtrl+Alt+P+Option+P
Timeline (Show/Hide)WindowCtrl+Alt+T+Option+T
Tools Panel (Show/Hide)WindowCtrl+F2+F2
Transform Panel (Show/Hide)Window > Design PanelsCtrl+T+T
Unlock AllModify > ArrangeCtrl+Alt+Shift+L+Shift+Option+L
View Line NumbersActions Panel OptionsCtrl+Shift+L+Shift+L
Web Services Panel (Show/Hide)Window > Design PanelCtrl+Shift+F10+Shift+F10
Work Area (View)ViewCtrl+Shift+W+Shift+W
Zoom InViewCtrl+= (equals sign)+= (equals sign)
Zoom OutViewCtrl+- (minus sign)+- (minus)



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