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Chapter 6. Importing Graphics > Using Trace Bitmap to Create Vector Shapes

Using Trace Bitmap to Create Vector Shapes

Flash provides a procedure to convert bitmaps into vector art. When Trace Bitmap is used, Flash interprets the pixel information in the bitmap and converts it into vector shapes. The results can be unpredictable in quality and have unwieldy file sizes if the bitmaps are very complex. However, there are several parameters in the Trace Bitmap dialog box that can be modified to strike a balance between file size and quality.

Trace a Bitmap

Drag a copy of a bitmap to the Stage from the Library panel; make sure the bitmap is selected on the Stage.

Click the Modify menu, point to Bitmap, and then click Trace Bitmap.

TROUBLE? The Trace Bitmap command is disabled if you select a broken bitmap (a bitmap fill).

Specify values and options to determine how close the vector shape resembles the bitmap:

  • Color Threshold. If the difference in the RGB color value for two pixels is less than the color threshold, the pixel colors are considered the same. Enter a value between 1 and 500.The higher the value, the lower the number of colors.

  • Minimum Area. Determines how many neighboring pixels to include in the threshold calculation. Enter a pixel value between 1 and 1000.

  • Curve Fit. Determines how smoothly Flash creates vector outlines.

  • Corner Threshold. Controls whether to preserve sharp edges or create more smooth contours.

Click OK.



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