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Chapter 6. Importing Graphics > Modifying a Bitmap Fill

Modifying a Bitmap Fill

Flash defaults to tiling a bitmap fill. Tiling is simply when an image is repeated in a grid until it fills the entire object. If you have applied a bitmap fill to a vector object, you can continue to edit its characteristics and placement. You can resize, skew, or rotate the fill or change its center point within the shape with the Fill Transform tool. This tool allows you to dynamically make these changes when it is applied to any editable shape. As with most of the assets Flash stores in the Library, any change you make to the application of the fill does not affect the master object stored in the Library. In this way, bitmaps like video clips and sounds, behave similarly to symbols in that their master object is not affected, though when you use a bitmap in your movie Flash refers to this as a copy, not an instance, because there are no built-in controls for bitmaps.

Change the Center Point

Create a shape on the Stage with a bitmap fill.

Click the Fill Transform tool in the Toolbar.

The pointer changes to an arrow with a small gradient box in the right-hand corner.

TIMESAVER Press F to quickly select the Fill Transform tool.

Click the shape to select it.

A bounding box appears on the tile.

Position the pointer over the white circle in the center of the bounding box.

The cursor becomes a Move icon.

Click and drag the center point to a new position.

The tile accommodates to the new position of the center point.



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