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Chapter 16. Debugging a Movie > Using the Movie Explorer

Using the Movie Explorer

Flash's Movie Explorer gives you an easy way to view and organize the contents of an .fla document, and even select elements for modification. It contains a display list of currently used elements, arranged in a tree hierarchical structure. The Movie Explorer gives you the ability to filter which categories of items in the document are displayed; choosing from text, graphics, buttons, movie clips, actions, and imported files. You can even display selected categories as individual scenes, concise symbol definitions, or both. When you select an item in the Movie Explorer panel, the item will be selected in the Flash document. If you double-click on an ActionScript, Flash will open the script in the Actions panel, or if you double-click on a Library item, Flash will open the item in the Library.

Use the Movie Explorer

Click the Movie Explorer Options button, and then select from the following options:

  • Go To Location. Takes you to the selected layer, scene, or frame in the active document.

  • Go To Symbol Definition. Takes you to the symbol definition for a symbol that is selected in the Elements area.

  • Select Symbol Instances. Takes you to the scene containing instances of a symbol that is selected in the Definitions area.

  • Find In Library. Select to highlight the selected symbol in the document's Library.

  • Rename. Select to enter a new name for a selected element.

  • Edit In Place. Select to edit a selected symbol on the Stage.

  • Edit In New Window. Select to edit a selected symbol in a new window.

  • Show Movie Elements. Displays the elements in your document organized into scenes.

  • Show Symbol Definitions. Select to display all the elements associated with a symbol.

  • Copy All Text To Clipboard. Select to copy selected text to the Clipboard.

  • Cut, Copy, Paste, And Clear. Select to perform these functions on a selected element.

  • Expand Branch. Select to expand the navigation tree at the selected element.

  • Collapse Branch. Select to collapse the navigation tree at the selected element.

  • Collapse Others. Select to collapse the branches in the navigation tree not containing the selected element.

  • Print. Select to print the hierarchical display list currently displayed in the Movie Explorer.

The Show buttons gives you the option to show or hide different elements of the movie. These options will only impact the Movie Explorer, not the Flash Stage.

  • Show Text

  • Show Buttons, Movie Clips, and Graphics

  • Show ActionScripts

  • Show Video, Sounds, and Bitmaps

  • Show Frames and Layers

Click the Customize Which Items To Show button, to customize what items display in the Movie Explorer window.



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