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Chapter 16. Debugging a Movie > Stepping Through Code

Stepping Through Code

When you open the Debugger panel, the Flash Player is automatically paused. This gives you the opportunity to set breakpoints in the script (see previous lesson: Setting Breakpoints). Once the breakpoints are set, you can click the Continue or Play button, and the Debugger will play the .swf file until it encounters a breakpoint. When a breakpoint is reached, the Debugger again pauses the movie. You now have the option to step in, out, or through the breakpoint script.

Step Through Code

Click the Control menu, and then click Debug Movie.

Add (or remove) breakpoints by clicking directly in the code, and then click Toggle Breakpoint.

Click the Continue button.

Flash will stop at the first breakpoint.

Select from the step options:

  • Step In. Click to step into and execute a function (works only for user-defined functions).

  • Step Out. Click to move out of a function (works only if you are currently stopped in a user-defined function).

  • Step Over. Click to skip over a line of code.

  • Continue. Click to leave the line at which the player is stopped and continues playing.

  • Stop Debugging. Click to inactivate the Debugger, but continue to play the SWF file.

IMPORTANT If you want to know where the Debugger stopped, keep an eye on the yellow arrow. A yellow arrow along the left side of the Debugger's code view indicates the line at which the Debugger stopped.



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