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Chapter 13. Applying Timeline Effects > Using the Distributed Duplicate Effect

Using the Distributed Duplicate Effect

The Distributed Duplicate Timeline effect produces a cascading grouping of objects based on a selected shape. As the shape cascades, you can choose to have the shape get smaller, change color, rotate, slowly go transparent, or a combination of any options. It should be noted that when Flash creates any of its animated Timeline effects, a copy of the effect is automatically stored in the Library of the active document. If you open the Library, you can view each of the frames Flash created to produce the effect.

Use the Distributed Duplicate Effect

Draw a shape using the oval rectangle or polystar tools, and then select the shape.

Click the Insert menu, point to Timeline Effects, point to Assistants, and then click Distributed Duplicate.

Enter the number of copies.

Enter the X and Y Offset Distance (in pixels).

Enter an Offset Rotation value to cause the duplicated objects to rotate.

Enter an Offset Start Frame value, to animate the Distributed Duplicate effect.

Did You Know?

You can use effects more than once. Since Flash stores a copy of the effect in the Library, you can open another Flash document, and then move the effect into the other document. Remember to move the Effects Folder, and the graphic symbol. In addition, if the effect occupies 20 frames, you will have to add 20 frames to the layer in the new document that you're moving the effect to.

Click to select between Linear and Exponential Scaling.

Enter a Scale value to have the shapes change size as they are duplicated.

Select the Change Color check box, and then select an ending color for the final duplicate.

Drag the slider to adjust the Final Alpha (transparency) of the effect.

Click OK.

Click the Control menu, and then click Test Movie.

Flash displays the Timeline effect.



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