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Chapter 9. Animating with Shape Tweening > Changing Shape Positions with Shape ...

Changing Shape Positions with Shape Tweening

To create a shape tween you need to draw or place an editable shape in a keyframe. Use any of Flash's drawing tools or import a vector shape from another vector drawing program. If you want to apply a shape tween to grouped artwork or a symbol, you can break apart the group or enter symbol editing mode and apply the shape tween to any editable shape in the symbol's Timeline. You can quickly view your animation by exporting it with the Test Movie command. By default, Flash loops animations in the Flash Player.

Animate a Ball with Shape Tweening

Create a new Flash document.

Select the Oval tool in the Toolbar.

Set the Stroke Color to None.

On the first frame, draw a circle on the left side of the Stage.

Select the first frame.

Click the Tween popup in the Property Inspector, and then click Shape.

Click frame 20 in the Timeline.

Click the Insert menu, point to Timeline, and then click Keyframe.

Flash tints a shape tweened span a pale green.

TIMESAVER Press F6 to add a keyframe.

Select the Arrow tool in the Toolbar.

Select the circle on frame 20 and drag it to the right side of the Stage.

Click frame 40 in the Timeline, and then add another keyframe.

Select the circle shape on frame 40 and drag it back to the left side of the Stage.

Click the Control Menu, and then click Test Movie to test the animation.

The ball animates back and forth across the screen.



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