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Chapter 8. Animating with Motion Tweening > Adjusting Motion Tween Properties

Adjusting Motion Tween Properties

Motion tweens can be fine-tuned in the Property Inspector. When a tweened frame is selected, a number of options are enabled that you use to add complexity to your motion path. It is also where you remove an applied motion tween. Set the tween to deal with scale, set rotation direction and frequency, or apply inertia by easing in or out of the motion. Additionally, you can set orientation and snapping when using a motion guide.

Set Motion Tween Properties

Click the Window menu, and then click Properties to open the Property Inspector.

Select a keyframe with motion tween applied.

Choose from the following settings:

  • Tween. Click this popup to apply motion or shape tweening or to turn these off.

  • Scale. Check this when you are tweening scale changes.

  • Rotate. Sets the direction and frequency your object rotates.

  • Orient To Path. Use this when you have applied a motion guide layer. This keeps your object parallel to the guide relative to its centerpoint.

  • Sync. This synchronizes the animation contained in the symbol with the Timeline that contains it. Use this when your symbol's Timeline is not an even number of frames.

  • Snap. Check to snap the object's registration point to a motion guide.

  • Warning Button. This button only appears if there is a problem with the motion tween. Click it to receive information describing the problem.



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