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Chapter 8. Animating with Motion Tweening > Creating a Motion Tween

Creating a Motion Tween

You can tween position, scale, rotation and other transform effects applied to symbols, groups, and text. Additionally, you can apply motion tweening to color and alpha changes. A motion tween connects two keyframes. You should only have one object in the keyframe when you apply the tween or the results will be unpredictable. Tweened frames must reside on the same layer in the Timeline.

Create a Simple Motion Tween

Create a new Flash document, and then click on the first frame of the Timeline.

Do one of the following:

  • Draw a shape on the Stage with any of Flash's drawing tools and convert into a symbol.

  • Drag an instance of a symbol from the Library.

Select the first frame.

Click the Tween popup in the Property Inspector, and then click Motion.

Click frame 10 in the Timeline.

Click the Insert menu, point to Timeline, and then click Frame.

Flash displays a dashed line in the framespan to indicate an incomplete or broken motion tween. It also tints the framespan a pale, bluish-purple to indicate that a motion tween has been applied.

TIMESAVER Press F5 to add frames.

Click and drag the object on the Stage at frame 10 to a new location.

Flash creates a second keyframe that is connected to the first with an arrow. This indicates the motion tween is complete.

Click the Control menu, and then click Test Movie to test the animation.

Flash gradually moves the object.



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