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Chapter 19. Adding and Modifying Data Components - Pg. 544

544 Chapter 19. Adding and Modifying Data Components What You'll Do Use the Data Holder Understand Web Services Use the Web Service Connector Use XML in Flash Modify a Component's Attributes Use the XML Connector Use the Component Inspector Work with Parameters Modify Parameters Create Bindings Modify Bindings Understand Schema Modify Schema Introduction Flash MX 2004, and Flash MX Professional 2004 come packaged with various components. To provide Rich Internet Applications to developers, Macromedia provided developers with new tools, better support for video and advanced data components. The Data Connection Kit contained 3 components--Connector, Dataset, and Resolver. The Connector component was used to connect to and retrieve data from a remote data source, the Dataset component was used to manage the data in Flash, and the Resolver sent the updated data back to the original data source. In Flash MX 2004, these components have been expanded and improved, and include support for XML, and Web Services (WSDL). In fact, any visual component in Flash MX Professional 2004 can be bound to data. Data binding is a concept where the property of one component can be bound to the property of another component--if the property of the one component changes, so will the property of the other component or components. Flash MX comes with several Data components such as the DataHolder, the WebServicesConnector, and the XMLConnector. In fact, you can point your browser to, and then go to the Flash Exchange to download even more components.