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Michael’s Acknowledgments

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you to:

Kate Small, Susan Hobbs, Carol Bowers, Chuck Hutchinson, and Lynn Baus for editing, shepherding, and tirelessly finding and correcting my mistakes, blunders, and omissions. Chuck went well beyond copyediting, catching a number of substantive errors.

My most excellent agent, David Fugate at Waterside Productions, for making and fostering the connection with Que.

Ralf Bokelberg (http://www.QLOD.com) for oxo.fla (Chapter 13), also used as a basis for tictactoe_lc.fla and player_lc.fla in Chapter 20.

Adam Holden-Bache and Mark Lewis, CEO and CTO, respectively, of Mass Transmit (http://www.masstransmit.com), for dropdownmenu.fla in the “At Work” section in Chapter 14.

Robin Debreuil (http://www.debreuil.com) for MovieClass.fla (Chapter 16), the “double pane” analogy in Chapter 15, and helping me understand OOP.

Gary Grossman, principal engineer, Macromedia Flash team, for the makeHandler() function in Chapter 15.

Helen Triolo (http://i-Technica.com) for dynamicButtonMovie.fla in Chapter 16 and trigdemo.fla in Chapter 19.

Peter Hall (http://www.peterjoel.com) for scratch.fla in Chapter 17 and saveDrawing.fla in Chapter 18.

Andy Hall (ahall@panache.co.uk) for spacelisten.fla in Chapter 17 and curveTo() in Chapter 18.

Ric Ewing (rewing@riverdeep.net) for drawmethods.fla and 4SegCircle.fla in Chapter 18, and for general support and assistance on the drawing API.

Keith Peters (kp@bit-101.com, www.bit-101.com) for 3Dcube.fla and test5.fla in Chapter 18.

Millie Maruani (millie@noos.fr, http://millie.free.fr) for api_flower.fla and api_cube.fla in Chapter 18.

Fotios Bassayiannis (http://fotios.cc) for amazingArrays.fla in the “At Work” section in Chapter 19.

Robert Penner (robertpenner@yahoo.com, www.robertpenner.com) for superCon() (same as mySuper()) in Chapter 21.

Laura’s Acknowledgments

Many thanks to everyone who helped make my part in this book possible: Tracy Kelly and Chrissy Rey; Sigrid Trumpy for the video clip included in Chapter 10; the online Flash community for constant inspiration and support; Fran and Bob Knisley for their support and fine accommodations; Mom and Charlotte McEnhill for always being there; Horatio at MacWarehouse for exceptional service when my hard disk died; and, most importantly, Kate Small, Lynn Baus, and the fantastic team at Que that includes Susan Hobbs, Carol Bowers, and Chuck Hutchinson.

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