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About the Authors - Pg. xvii

xvii About the Authors Michael Hurwicz is the Flash Guy at Late Night Design, located at the intersection of art, design, and technology. He has been writing about technical topics for the computer trade press since 1985. Michael is president of Irthlingz, a nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental education and entertainment. You can e-mail Michael at <> as well as visit his Web site at,, and Laura McCabe is a freelance designer and developer currently living in Baltimore, Maryland. Her eclectic interests have led her through an undergraduate degree in psychology, graduate studies in art and design, and, ultimately, to Flash. In six years of Internet experience, she's honed her skills in design, development, information architecture, and Web production while working with clients such as AARP. Her Flash designs have been featured at the collaborative site Poems That Go, and her personal playground is In her spare time, she is a photographer, writer, trainer, editor, sporadic sea kayaker, and recovering book junkie. Contributors Lon Coley (<>) is an IT professional, specializing in Of- fice and Internet applications. Her company site at holds far more information than we could put here and is updated as often as time allows. Her experience and expertise means that as well as designing sites for clients, she now acts as a consultant and troubleshooter to companies of all sizes that are looking to improve and develop their Internet pres- ence or that have sites they feel don't do their organization justice. A firm believer that anyone can build a Web site with the right tools and training, Lon often works with companies that want to develop their own Web sites but feel they need an expert "to call on" when they are struggling, or need professional guidance about new technologies when developing their existing sites. An experienced teacher and trainer, Lon writes and develops dedicated customized training courses for business and education. These courses cover the whole spectrum of her expertise and are always prepared with the individual client in mind, thus guaranteeing that the needs of the client are addressed and met in full. Gary Rosenzweig is the chief engineer, founder, and owner of CleverMedia, a game and multimedia development company in Denver, Colorado. He has written titles on Macromedia Director and Mac- romedia Flash. Several years ago, Gary started his own company, CleverMedia. Today, Clever- Media owns four of the largest Shockwave and Flash game sites on the Web and creates games for many of the others. Gary lives in Denver, Colorado, with wife Debby, a cat named Lucy, and a dog named Natasha. Other than computers and the Internet, he also enjoys film, camping, classic science fiction books, and writing.