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Part V: Using Objects > Scripting Interface Elements

Chapter 17. Scripting Interface Elements

by Darrel Plant

In this chapter

Creating Scripting Buttons

Introducing Dynamic Text

Dragging Movie Clips

Creating Check Boxes

Creating Radio Buttons

Creating Progress Bars

Using Slider Controls

Using Pop-Up Menus

Troubleshooting Interface Elements

Did You Know?

All those (key)words! Finally, you get to the cool stuff, where you can put some of your knowledge of ActionScript to use and make things happen onscreen.

Displaying dynamic information onscreen is one of the most important tasks in Flash—or any other multimedia application—if you're doing anything other than simply telling a linear story. Interactivity comes from scripting, and scripting comes from you.

A good dynamic interface is one in which the user gets feedback about the action she has taken. Flash is an exceptionally versatile tool for doing this—most of its capabilities are geared toward visual presentation. If you want to perform some sort of calculation when the user presses a button, you're probably better off doing your project in a language other than ActionScript. On the other hand, if you want to display the results of that calculation in a graphic manner, or want to incorporate that value into a game, well, that's probably what you're here for.

Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) have been used in personal computers since the introduction of the Apple Macintosh back in 1984, so by now most people are familiar with the types of graphic elements used in GUIs. Although any number of programming environments provide the capability to create standard interface elements, Flash is one of the only programs available (and by far the most widespread) that lets you design, draw, and program GUI elements in one integrated environment.



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