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Chapter 12. Using Components > Applied Examples Using Components - Pg. 269

Using Components 269 The other properties besides target vary depending on the component type. You can search the Help for "event object." Alternatively, you can insert this (now familiar) tracing code between lines 7 and 8: for(var i in who){ trace(i+":"+who[i]); } That will show you all the properties in the who parameter. In the case of my radio button, this is what I saw in the Output window: relatedTarget:undefined button:0 metaKey:false shiftKey:false altKey:false ctrlKey:false clientY:3 clientX:29 screenY:100.35 screenX:276.35 detail:undefined view:undefined type:click target:_level0.male_rb Don't ask me what all those properties are--just learn how to find them and research them. Now that you have the foundation skills necessary to use components (populating them, ascertain- ing their values, triggering code, and figuring out who triggered the code), it's time to move on to a few examples.