STEP 2: Your Development Environment 19 Testing in a Browser In both Mac and PC, you can test your application in a web browser using the embedded Flash Player 6. Although the debug and release versions of the player are the same, there are some differences in the player run-time between the Active X version (for Microsoft Internet Explorer) and the JAVA version (for Netscape). There are also differences between operating systems and devi- ces. To test your application within a browser, you must publish your application by clicking File, Publish or pressing Shift+F12. After you have published, you have two choices: · Web Server Access.Connect to the HTML or SWF file using an HTTP call to a local web server ( http://localhost/flashcom/applications/myApp.html or http://remoteComputerName/flashcom/ applications/myApp.html). · Direct File Access.Open the HTML file by connecting to it in your file system and double-clicking it. If you are accessing the file over a network (through Network Share or Apple Share), you need to ensure the correct operating system security is in place to access the files. Summary Now you have the basic server structure, and with your development environment set up, you are ready to start building some Communication applications. The next two chapters will introduce you to some of the new UI components in Flash MX, and will show you how to set up an application on the server and monitor what is happening.