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Chapter 12. Client-Side (Flash) ActionSc... > Macromedia Flash MX Communication To... - Pg. 172

172 Chapter 12. Client-Side (Flash) ActionScript Now that you have a grip on what's happening on the server, you can focus on controlling your Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX application using Flash ActionScript. A deep explo- ration of the Communication objects and the Flash Communication UI components will make up the bulk of this chapter. The chapter will also discuss messaging, scripting techniques, security, hard- ware devices, and some simple debugging techniques you can use. Macromedia Flash MX Communication Tools When you install the authoring components into Macromedia Flash MX, a series of new elements will be added to your Flash MX authoring environment: · Communication App Inspector.A tool used to connect and control application instances that are running on the Flash Communication Server. It provides the Live Log window used to monitor trace activity from server-side ActionScript (SSAS).