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Macromedia Flash MX and Web Site Development 2 Why Macromedia Flash MX? Macromedia Flash is one of the leading Web development applications on the market today. It continues to mature with each new release, and the Macromedia Flash MX version is no different. This book covers many of the new features of Flash MX while also presenting the fundamental tools and techniques you need to unleash the full power of Flash in your Web site design and develop- ment. Today, Flash is being used to create interactive project interfaces and designs. It can generate low file size animations and sharp, clear graphics and images. Typically a two-dimensional program, depending on your design skills, you can simulate three-dimensional designs. Another advantage of Flash is that it is a vector-based application. This allows your designs to always display in the proportion as you intended, no matter to what size the end-user's browser is set. This book covers the basics of Flash functionality, the creation and implementation of this functionality, and inter- mediate-level ActionScript for making the project come alive. Although Flash can be used for both online and traditional presentations, this book focuses on using Flash for Web site development. As with many software applications, after you learn the fundamentals of the program, it is up to you to practice and apply the skills to truly master them. Anatomy of Macromedia Flash MX and Internet Viewing There are two environments in Flash--the Authoring environment and the Macromedia Flash Player. All Flash movies are created in the Authoring environment and have an FLA extension. When the creating and editing process in Flash is complete, the movie is ready to become an SWF file. You create an SWF file in Flash using the Publish command. SWF stands for small Web format; it's actually just a compressed version of the FLA file and is much lower in file size. An SWF file can