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Seminar 3. Creating a Movie > Creating the About Me Button

Creating the About Me Button

With the menu bar area defined, now you will create the About Me button. Instead of creating all five buttons, you will create just one button and create only the key components of the About Me button—its image and the label. To create the About Me button, follow these steps:

Using the Zoom tool, increase the Stage view of the About Me button displayed on the design template guide layer image.


You can quickly change your magnification to 100% no matter what magnification you are at by double-clicking the Zoom tool in the toolbox.


After the Zoom tool is selected, you can toggle between zoom in and zoom out by pressing (Option)[Alt].

Click the Rectangle tool to make it active.

In the Property Inspector, click the Stroke Style and select Solid. Click the Stroke Size box and delete its contents; then type 2. Click the Stroke Color modifier and select the black color swatch (see Figure 3.52).

Figure 3.52. The Property Inspector indicates the tool that is active on the left.

In the Color Mixer, click the Fill modifier and type FFCE31 in the Hex Edit Text box. This sets your fill to a gold color.

With the Rectangle tool, click and drag a rectangle that covers the area for the About Me button as displayed on the design template.

Group the button image by double-clicking it with the Arrow tool and selecting Modify, Group. This makes the stroke and fill of the rectangle one object. The background for the button is now created.



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