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Seminar 6. Animation and Special Effects... > What Is Tweening? - Pg. 158

Animation and Special Effects for Flashing Up the Site 158 Playing the Movie You can also play back a movie in the Flash Authoring environment by selecting Control, Play or by pressing (Return)[Enter]. To play back with the Controller panel, select Window, Toolbars, Controller and use the Controller buttons to control your playback (see Figure 6.5). Figure 6.5. You can position the Controller anywhere you want by clicking and dragging it by the title bar to the new location on your screen. Testing the Movie Another nice feature Flash MX offers is a quick way to preview the Flash MX SWF file of the movie. Select Control, Test Movie to convert the movie from FLA format to the compressed SWF format. This launches the Flash Player Testing Mode; your movie then displays and begins to play. Pre- viewing a movie in this testing mode enables you to see all the elements of a movie functioning. When you use movie clips and more advanced interactivity via ActionScript, you must convert the movie to SWF format to view all the movie's functionality.