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Part V: Appendixes > Royalty-Free Sound Resources

Royalty-Free Sound Resources

Most Flash presentations contain at least some sound, and many have complete soundtracks. When you need royalty-free loops, sound effects, or complete songs, these are some of the highest-quality and most reliable resources we’ve come across:

  • www.cssmusic.com. Offers royalty-free loops, sound effects, and complete tracks. Includes the searchable Digital Audio WorldWide Network (DAWN), which enables you to purchase single tracks from CDs.

  • deusx.com/studio.html. Offers some free sounds, and has CDs of loops and sound effects available for purchase.

  • www.doremedia.com. Offers a free loop of the week, sound families, songs, loops, and sound effects. Has CDs, individual songs, and loops available for purchase. Also offers custom services.

  • www.flash-sounds.com. Is a subscription-based site that offers unlimited access to high-quality loops, chords, voices, and sound effects.

  • www.killersound.com. Offers a royalty-free library of loops, SoundSets, and sound effects. Also offers custom audio and voiceovers.

  • www.loopfrog.com. Offers royalty-free loops and some free sound effects.

  • www.sonicfoundry.com. Created by the makers of Acid Pro. Offers an extensive collection of loops in a wide range of genres made specifically for use with Acid.

  • www.soundrangers.com. Offers royalty-free loops, sound effects, sound packs, and CDs, as well as custom sounds.



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