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Part V: Appendixes > Cartoon Animation - Pg. 641

Flash Resources 641 · FlaX-- ( has 22 different effects that also are very customizable. The program is very intuitive to use as well. You just punch a couple buttons and adjust some sliders. Another benefit is real-time display every time you change a setting. FlaX-generated SWF files can be imported directly into Flash, unless you've added and want to keep a link. You can also save your text animation as your default screen saver. It's available for Windows only, and you can try out a trial download. · Swish-- (, although a little less intuitive than SWfx, offers the capability of adding sound and basic interactivity to your file. However, if you are planning to import the finished SWF file, remember that the sound and interactivity will not import. Again, loadMovie() is always an option. Swish is available for Windows and Macintosh, and you can sample a trial download. 3-D Tools These tools help you take Flash to that extra dimension--3-D! Use them to create your 3-D effects, and then export in SWF format for use in your Flash movies. All these tools are available in a standalone format; you don't have to have Flash to use them. Both Swift 3D and Vecta 3D are also available as plug-ins for 3ds max and other 3-D programs. · Our art director loves Amorphium Pro ( You can get really cool organic shapes that are tough to come up with any other way. It's completely unlike Swift 3D or Vecta 3D in that it uses a model much more akin to wax or clay modeling. It imports all major 3-D formats. Amorphium Pro is available for Windows and Macintosh, and you can try it out as a trial download. · Swift 3D-- ( creates and exports 3-D images and animations in a vector for- mat. You can also import 3-D formats created by such high-end 3-D tools as 3ds max and