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Chapter 26. Browser and Platform Idiosyn... > <OBJECT> and <EMBED> Tags - Pg. 550

Browser and Platform Idiosyncrasies 550 · To display a Flash movie on top of or underneath a layer of HTML · To define a Flash movie as an element of the HTML document in the <HEAD> tag, and then attach it to the document dynamically with all its associated properties You need to be aware of one final issue. Even the standalone player isn't completely issue-free. And, of course, its problem starts when it needs to open a browser window. Netscape, Explorer, and Standalone Players A standalone player is also called a projector. When a standalone projector is running on Windows and you use the getURL() function to open a Web page, the page always opens in Internet Explorer. The page opens in Explorer even if Netscape is chosen as the default browser. If the user doesn't have Internet Explorer, the Web page will not be displayed. Currently, there is no reliable workaround for this problem. Although this might be annoying, for the most part, it's not catastrophic because the vast majority of computers do have IE installed. Refer to TechNote 14486 on Macromedia's Web site to see if a solution has been found. Summary For now, it's a fact of life that working with Flash in multiplatform environments has a few problems. Get used to it, but don't despair. Workarounds also exist for a variety of issues under both Windows and Macintosh, with the different browsers displaying different behaviors. As long as you know what to expect, you're a step ahead of the game. For the latest information on these and other issues, refer to Macromedia's TechNote index for Flash at