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About the Authors

About the Authors

About Fig Leaf Software

Fig Leaf’s Creative Media Department has designed and developed engaging Web-based media for some of the most recognized companies and organizations in the country. Fig Leaf offers creative services from a talented team of award-winning graphic artists, programmers, writers, and instructional technologists who consistently construct next-generation solutions for their clients. Using a blend of creative talent, experience, and technical know-how, they are able to take their client’s Web media to a new level that balances form, flow, and function.

Members of the Creative Media team speak regularly at trade shows, user groups, and design conferences to inform others about the tools, technologies, and processes that they successfully employ.

Fig Leaf Contributors

Jody Keating is Assistant Director of Interactive Media at Fig Leaf, where she makes the Interactive Media programmers and designers play nicely together. She has also taught Macromedia Authorized classes for Flash, Generator, UltraDev, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and CourseBuilder, and has written Macromedia Authorized Training Materials for Flash 5 and Generator 2 Enterprise Edition. Jody also is a Cold Fusion developer and likes to dabble in Flash/Generator/Cold Fusion integration. She has an undergraduate degree in anthropology from George Washington University and has done graduate work in geobiology. When Jody’s not writing or managing, she’s racing sailboats, kayaking, or rowing on the Chesapeake Bay.

Tom Pizer is a Partner and the Vice President of Creative Media for Fig Leaf Software. He is responsible for Fig Leaf’s creative vision and the success of the client Web sites and interactives that Fig Leaf creates. During his career, he has written course material on computer-based design and collaborated on industry-related books. His work has been featured in leading industry magazines and been written up in online trade sites. Tom is the current president of the Washington, DC area Macromedia User’s Group (WAMMO). During his tenure as president, he has forged strong ties with Macromedia and its product directors, programmers, sales staff, and training managers for the full suite of Macromedia’s Web tools.

Doug Clarke is an Art Director at Fig Leaf. Having a background in illustration, 3-D motion graphics, and sound design, Doug likes to use his multidisciplinary background to push the envelope of interactive animation. “I’m never ever really satisfied with my work, but I do enjoy the process of creating and combining different mediums within Flash. Drawing is the foundation for all my work, which in turn is based on keen observation.” His work has been featured in various publications, including USAToday, Richmond Times Dispatch, and the Virginian Pilot. When he’s not working in Flash, Doug enjoys illustration and painting. Doug also is an avid surfer and spends his off time with his family and friends in Virginia Beach. He holds a BFA, graduating magna cum laude from Virginia Commonwealth University.

When Branden Hall is not working with computers (rarely), he enjoys the great outdoors: camping, hiking, biking, and climbing. As an Eagle Scout, these playtime pursuits come as naturally to him as programming, which is what Branden is doing much of the rest of the time. Branden is known for developing cutting-edge ActionScript techniques. At Fig Leaf Software, he is the Senior Interactive Developer and a Macromedia Instructor. His work at Fig Leaf, combined with Branden’s prominence on his Flash 5 ActionScript mailing list, FlashCoders, and his participation in many other lists, conferences, and users groups have spawned speculation that Branden Hall cannot possibly be just one man. Amusing though the thought of a host of Branden clones running around might be, his fiancée, Patricia Lee, guarantees us all that there is, indeed, only one.

Chris Smith is an Instructor and Senior Designer at Fig Leaf. He also teaches Flash, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks at the Corcoran School of Fine Arts in Washington, DC. Chris graduated in 1995 with a BFA from the University of Southern California. While earning his degree, he worked at Activision, Inc., and contracted an incurable interest in computer game graphics and animation that has dominated his creative pursuits ever since. Thirty years before the mast, he lives in Alexandria, VA.

Patricia Geneva Lee performs the dual roles of Cold Fusion Developer and Allaire Certified Instructor at Fig Leaf. Prior to coming to work for Fig Leaf, Patti received degrees in English and French. She also has pursued higher education in public relations. She has a cat named Greymalkin.

Steven Waters is an Interactive Media Programmer for Fig Leaf, where he mainly does Flash ActionScripting, and he is working toward being certified to teach Flash courses. He is a vocal advocate for reforming land use policy to reduce automobile dependency.

Chrissy Rey is a Macromedia Certified instructor in Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Generator, and she has written Macromedia Authorized Training Materials for Flash and Generator. Chrissy also is a freelance writer and technical editor, with contributions to Flash books and Web sites. She is the founder and Webmaster of FlashLite (http://www.flashlite.net) and FlashCorps (http://www.flashcorps.org).

Keenan Keeling is a Flash Programmer at Fig Leaf Software, where he specializes in programming with ActionScript. Keenan has been using Flash for about two years. He is currently in his fourth year at the University of Maryland, seeking a BS in computer science. Keenan is a programmer at heart and loves object-oriented programming. Keenan’s goal is to incorporate his programming mentality and background into Web design, a field dominated by graphic artists. Keenan also works as a DJ on the weekends, having played at hundreds of venues up and down the east coast.

Christopher Hayes is Art Director/Web Designer for Fig Leaf Software’s Atlanta Creative Division. He is currently studying to receive his certification to teach Flash 5. Chris has been using Flash since the Flash 3 days and enjoys creating bleeding-edge design. Chris received his Master’s degree in computer art from Savannah College of Art and Design and his BFA from Xavier University of Louisiana. Chris (a.k.a. “P the Wicked”) is an emcee/music producer and enjoys the true hip-hop culture. Chris believes that his best work ever is the next one.

Tracey Sheeley is a Senior Designer at Fig Leaf and is one of the original “Figs.” While creating many online presences for the clients, she has eagerly watched Flash evolve into the indispensable program it is today. Tracey has a BA in studio art earned at the University of Maryland. Spanning three states throughout her life, she grew up in Maryland, works in Washington, DC, and now lives in Virginia.

Miles E. Windsor is a Macromedia Certified instructor and the Director of Multimedia Training at Fig Leaf, where he teaches Flash, Generator, Dreamweaver, and UltraDev. Miles has a background in Novell, UNIX, and NT LAN administration. After several years of government contracting and freelance Web design assignments, Miles (after becoming a beta tester for Flash 3) finally came to his senses and discovered that Flash was all the world needs. It provides him instant gratification from a design and programming perspective. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Miles spends most of his time trying to figure out the anal retentiveness of Americans.

Tracy Kelly is a Macromedia Certified instructor in Flash and Dreamweaver. Tracy helped write and technical edit the Macromedia Authorized Flash 5 Training Materials. She has a very expensive BA from Seton Hall University.

Wendy M. Franklin is an Instructor at Fig Leaf where she teaches Flash 5. Wendy helped tech edit the Macromedia Authorized Flash 5 Training Materials. Prior to joining Fig Leaf, she worked in the completely unrelated field of aviculture at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a BS in psychology.

Kristin Kaineg is the Print Designer for Fig Leaf. She has focused her energy into redesigning the Fig Leaf corporate identity and creating marketing collateral to promote Fig Leaf’s corporate image. She graduated from American University with a BA in graphic design. Her goal in life is to make everything look pretty, especially at Fig Leaf.

Enayet Rasul is a Cold Fusion Developer who likes to port his Perl background to Fig Leaf whenever the occasion occurs. He also is the author of two chapters dealing with the integration of Flash and Generator with Cold Fusion in the book Professional Cold Fusion by Wrox Press. Previously he worked as a multimedia developer, developing CD-ROM and Web-based training applications in Authorware and Flash. He is a graduate of James Madison University with a BS in chemistry and a member of Alpha Chi Sigma. (Yes, he still misses the subject, but not the mess.)

Jason Powers is a Certified Cold Fusion Developer with Fig Leaf. He has extensive experience integrating Flash/Generator with Cold Fusion and DBMSs. He’s been in the Web business for seven years, learning JavaScript after its initial introduction, and he is hooked on OOP. Since Flash 5 ActionScript picked up object orientation and dot syntax, he’s been happily toiling away with it. In his spare(?) time, he creates music and frequents clubs.

Danielle R. Frucci is an Art Director with Fig Leaf. Her creative undertakings include Web interface development, Flash animations, and harnessing the power of the Microsoft suite of applications. A Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a minor in visual media communication from American University round out her career. She received the “Most Valuable Player Award” in track and field her senior year of high school.

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