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STEP 02 creating a MASK

For this spot, I use a rounded rectangle mask—a rounded window if you will—that shows the layers below it. Flash has a quick and easy way to create masks. And with Flash 4 you can mask unlimited layers. Here's how:

Select the Mask layer by clicking on it.

Double-click the Rectangle tool to display the Rectangle Tool dialog. A pop-up will appear.

Set the Corner Radius to 12 as shown in figure 03:03.

Figure 03:03.

Set the line to No Color and the Fill to any color other than black and drag out a rectangle. The exact size, shape, and position of the rectangle doesn't matter. Nor, for that matter, does the color, since this is going to be a mask. I use the Object Inspector to specify all those values.

If the Object Inspector is not already open, choose Window > Inspectors > Object or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Alt-I / Cmd-Option-I to open the Object Inspector.

With the rectangle (now with rounded corners) selected, enter the following values in the Object Inspector:

x: 5

y: 5

w: 190

y: 190

With your mask element sized and positioned and still selected, create a new symbol by choosing Insert > New Symbol or use the keyboard shortcut F8 and name it mask or something similar.

Your completed mask should resemble the one shown in figure 03:04.

Figure 03:04.

Now, double-click on the page icon of the mask layer. In the pop-up that appears, choose the Mask option (see figure 03:05).

Figure 03:05.

Your next step is to define which layers you want to be masked—in other words, which of the elements you want to show through the beveled window defined by the mask.

Double-click on the page icon of the layer directly below the mask layer—in this case, the chip layer. In the pop-up, choose Masked.

A shortcut to this step is to hold down the Ctrl-Alt / Cmd-Option keys and click the layer.

Mask all layers below the mask layer (see figure 03:06).

Figure 03:06.



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