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Hour 9. Using Shape Tweens to Morph > Making a Shape Tween

Making a Shape Tween

Shape tweens are fun because they look really cool and they're easy to create. Compared to motion tweens, they look more dynamic because every attribute—including the shape—animates. Basically, all you do is draw one or more shapes or Drawing Objects in two keyframes and set the tweening in the first keyframe to Shape. Let's create one in the following task, and then we can analyze it.

Try It Yourself: Make a Simple Shape Tween

In this task you'll make a simple animation using shape tweening:

In a new file, draw a circle on the Stage. (Don't group anything and don't convert anything to a symbol.)

Insert a keyframe in Frame 30 (by clicking in the Timeline at Frame 30 and pressing F6 or selecting Insert, Timeline, Keyframe). This will be the end of the tween, and it will match the beginning.

Insert a keyframe in Frame 15. While the red current-frame marker is on Frame 15, put a little dimple into the circle: Use the Selection tool to first deselect the circle (click off the circle), and then bring the pointer close to the edge until the cursor changes to a curved-tail pointer. Click and drag toward the center of the circle to reshape it, as shown in Figure 9.1.

Figure 9.1. You bend the edge of the circle in one of the keyframes. Flash will do the tweening.

Set shape tweening for the two spans. To do this, click Frame 1, hold Shift, and then Click Frame 15. In the Properties panel, select Shape from the Tween drop-down list.

Select Control, Test Movie (or press Ctrl+Enter) to see what happens.



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