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454 Appendix B. Resources Tutorials and Other Online Resources You'll find that the sites listed here are great places to expand your knowledge. In addition, most have links to other similar sites. Director Online User Group (DOUG) Although this is targeted to the Director user, you'll find high-quality articles on many subjects, in- cluding many on Flash. Macromedia You can't beat going straight to the source. Also, be sure to check out the Macromedia Exchange, where you can find more components ( as well as the Dev- Net resource center ( Colin Moock's site includes great resources related to Flash. Chattyfig You'll find several Flash related email listservs at this site. They're definitely the most active lists on Flash available. Community MX This subscription-based educational site is dedicated to several Macromedia products. OS Flash (Open Source Flash) This site is rich with information on Flash including the FlashCoders Wiki.