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Chapter 6. Publishing > Sound Settings

Sound Settings

Several compression options are available for the sounds you import into Flash. Also, it is best to compress your sound on a case-by-case basis. This will ensure the best quality for your sounds, and you will not have only a single setting throughout your movie. However, if you still choose to have a single setting, Flash does provide this option for you. Here are the steps to follow:

Choose File, Publish Settings and click the Flash tab.

At the bottom of the Flash tab you will see settings for streaming and settings for event sounds. The difference between event sounds and streaming sounds is that event sounds must be fully downloaded before played, and that they can only be stopped manually, whereas streaming sounds can start playing immediately. Click the Set button next to either of these options. Figure 6.7 shows the Sound Settings dialog box.

Figure 6.7. The default values for the sound settings.

Your first option will be the type of compression (refer to Chapter 7, “Working with Sound and Video,” for a listing of types of compressions to use). Select Disable if you want to set the sound settings on individual sounds in your project. Select another option if you want to change the compression of your sounds globally.

Also, based on the type of sound you are using, you may choose a particular sampling rate, level of quality, or bit rate for your sound. Then click OK in the Sound Settings dialog box, which will return you to the Publish Settings dialog box.

Finally, under the Audio Stream and Audio Event options, you have the choice to override the sound settings. Clicking the Override Sound Settings box will throw out the settings you have created in the library and will use the compression you chose earlier in this dialog box. And in Flash MX 2004 Professional edition, you also have the last check box, Export Device Sounds, for exporting sounds specifically for devices, such as mobile devices and handhelds.



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