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Hour 8. Using Motion Tween to Animate > Task: Create a Basic Motion Tween

Task: Create a Basic Motion Tween

In a new file, draw a circle onstage.

Select the entire circle and choose Insert, Convert to Symbol (or press F8). Name it Circle, leave it set to the default Movie Clip, and click OK.

Click in the Timeline on frame 30 and select Insert, Keyframe (or press F6).

Click on the keyframe in frame 1; the red current frame marker will move to frame 1. Position the circle where you want it to appear at the beginning—let's move it to the left side of the stage.

Click in the last keyframe (frame 30) and notice that the red current frame marker moves to frame 30. Position the circle on the right side of the stage.

Try scrubbing. The animation will look pretty abrupt. The circle stays on the left side for 29 frames and then jumps to the right side. To make the movement smoother, Flash will take care of the in-between frames.

Tweening is set in the beginning keyframe, in this case the first keyframe (in frame 1). Select the keyframe in frame 1 and then open and observe the Properties panel.

When a frame is selected, the Properties panel contains a Tween drop-down list.

Select Motion from the Tween drop-down list. Leave all the default settings, as shown in Figure 8.1.

Figure 8.1. The Properties panel open with our first keyframe selected.

That's it! Notice in Figure 8.2 that Flash has drawn an arrow with a blue background to represent the interpolated frames—those between two keyframes. Select Control, Test Movie (or press Ctrl+Enter) to see what you did.

Figure 8.2. Our Timeline includes an arrow on a blue background to indicate that Flash is tweening these frames.

Following the Rules of a Motion Tween

The previous Task worked because the instructions carefully followed the rules of a Motion Tween: You can't have multiple objects in your keyframes, and the one object you do have must be a symbol. Flash is very unforgiving when you don't follow these rules.



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