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The quiz and exercises are designed to test your knowledge of the material covered in this hour. Try to answer the questions before checking the answers.


1:If you draw into a Mask layer and the content of the Masked layer is unaffected until you test the movie, what is the problem?
  1. No problem. There's no way to see the effect of masking until you test the movie.

  2. You need to hide the Masked layer.

  3. You need to lock both layers.

A1: C. Although testing the movie does reflect the actual effect of Mask layers, you can also just lock all layers involved to see the effects while authoring. (You should still get into the habit of testing the movie, which is always the best way to see your movie as the user will.)
2:How many layers can be masked by setting one layer to Mask?
  1. One. If you want two layers to be masked, each must have its own mask.

  2. As many as you want.

  3. None—it's the other way around; one Masked layer can have lots of Mask layers above it.

A2: B. One Mask can shadow as many Masked layers as you want. It actually appears to happen outside your control sometimes when adding layers. Masked layers have a special icon, and the layer name is indented.
3:Where is the one place where being efficient (like using the Library) is not especially important?
  1. Nowhere in Flash. You should always be efficient.

  2. In Guide layers, because they don't export with the movie.

  3. In layers you hide, because they're hidden.

A3: B. I suppose you should always be efficient, but Guide layers aren't exported with the movie, so they won't hurt the user in the any way. Also remember that hiding a layer only hides it while you're authoring (just do a Test Movie to see).



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