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Hour 16. Using Components > Task: Use the RadioButton Component

Task: Use the RadioButton Component

In this task, you'll use a radio button to ask the user to specify his skill level (novice, intermediate, or expert). Follow these steps:

In a new file, open the Components panel and drag an instance of RadioButton onto the Stage. Now, either copy the instance on the Stage or drag two more RadioButton Components from the Components panel.

Arrange the three RadioButton instances vertically. Select the top instance and access the Parameters tab in the Properties panel, as shown in Figure 16.10.

Figure 16.10. You will populate the three RadioButton instances one at a time using the Properties panel Parameters tab.

Change the value for Label to read “Novice”. Also, notice the group name radioGroup. We'll just leave this alone because the other buttons have the same name—so only one option in the group can be selected at a time. If you wanted another group (say, with Male and Female), you'd want all buttons in the other group to share a different Group Name.

Select the new RadioButton onscreen and change its Label to Intermediate. Finally, change the Label for the third button to Expert.

You should notice that (unlike the ComboBox Component) each of your RadioButton instances changes to reflect its current label. That is, you can see the labels Novice, Intermediate, and Expert without even testing the movie. This is a new feature called Live Preview. You can turn this on or off from the Control menu. Go ahead and test the movie. You'll notice, now, that only one RadioButton can be set at a time (that is, when you select one, the others deselect).



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