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The Workshop consists of quiz questions and answers to help you solidify your understanding of the material covered. Try to answer the questions before checking the answers.


1:Where can Actions be inserted in Flash?
  1. Inside Button symbols, on keyframes, and inside Movie Clip symbols.

  2. Any keyframe except frame 1 (plus buttons and Movie Clips).

  3. On keyframes, Button instances, and Movie Clip instances.

A1: C. Remember you don't put Actions inside master Button symbols! Of course, within master Movie Clips you can have Actions in keyframes and buttons, but answer C covers those places.
2:What is an Action, anyway?
  1. Anything that moves onstage.

  2. An instruction snippet that tells Flash what to do.

  3. What programmers call functions.

A2: B. It's a pretty generic term, so this is my best definition. (In fact it's so general I cringe every time I say “Action”—but it sure is easier than defining dozens of other terms.) You can learn more about other terms including functions in Appendix B,but strictly speaking most Actions are actually methods.
3:How many Actions can you place in one button?
  1. One for each mouse event.

  2. No more than two.

  3. As many as you want.

A3: C. There's really no limit although there are some restrictions against illogical sequences (such as, you can't have two gotoAndPlay Actions in a row). One event could result in many Actions being executed, and you can have several events within one button.



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