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The Workshop consists of quiz questions and answers to help you solidify your understanding of the material covered. Try to answer the questions before checking the answers.


1:What is the visual effect of a movie that has a keyframe in every frame?
  1. It'll appear very smooth.

  2. It will appear jumpy.

  3. It may have no visual effect.

A1: C. There are many factors besides how frequent your keyframes appear that affect how an animation looks. First, the nature of the content has more impact than how many keyframes you have. You could have very similar or very different content onscreen for each keyframe. Also, framerate affects how an animation appears.
2:If you set the framerate to 2 frames per second, what is the visual result?
  1. The animation will look jumpy.

  2. You'll see the blank (black) pauses between frames.

  3. Subliminal messages can be seen between each frame.

A2: A. A framerate of 2 frames per second is slow enough for you to notice the still frames, but the visual effect is jumpiness. The pauses between frames are just that, pauses, not black frames.
3:If your movie properties are set to a framerate of 60fps, how long will it take to reach frame 90?
  1. 1.5 seconds exactly

  2. 1.5 seconds or more

  3. None of the above

A3: B. It's very unlikely that your computer can actually display 60 frames a second. It will probably take longer than 1.5 seconds to display all 90 frames. (If your computer could keep up with the framerate of 60fps, it would take slightly less than 1.5 seconds, because it only has 59 frames to travel from frame 1.)



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