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Hour 20. Optimizing Your Flash Site > Task: Improve a File with the Bandwidth P...

Task: Improve a File with the Bandwidth Profiler's Help

In this task you walk through a situation where the Bandwidth Profiler can help improve a file. Follow these steps:

Open the same movie you downloaded for the last task (available at www.phillipkerman.com/teachyourself/sourcefiles/keyframing.fla). Immediately determine the total size of the exported movie. All you need to do is run Test Movie and look at the data at the top-left area of the Bandwidth Profiler (press Ctrl+B if it's not visible). For example, I get 9,760 bytes for the total size. Write down whatever number you get as a reference for later.

Close the movie that's testing. Select File, Publish Settings… and then select the tab for Flash. Notice the slider for JPEG Quality. Move that all the way to the left (the lowest quality) and click OK.

Test the movie again to see the change made by using compression. You shouldn't see any change because JPEG compression is applied only to raster graphics, and this file has none. (If this file had raster graphics, you would likely see that this change made the file smaller but lowered its quality.)

The change you'll make in this step will cause a difference—you're going to optimize the curves in every drawn shape. Click the Edit Multiple Frames onion skin option (so that you can select multiple frames). Now select the Modify Onion Markers menu and pick Onion All, as shown in Figure 20.10. Finally, click the stage then do a Select All (Ctrl+A). With everything now selected, choose Modify, Optimize…, slide the Smoothing scale all the way to the right, and select both option check boxes, as shown in Figure 20.11. Click OK, and you should eventually see a message concerning how much optimizing took place. In my case, I saw that there was a 36% reduction (in the number of curves).

Figure 20.10. To select every frame, choose Onion All after the Edit Multiple Frame option is set.

Figure 20.11. Using Optimize Curves will reduce the file size by simplifying the shapes.

Do a Test Movie again and notice the improvement in the file size. I get 7,733 bytes, which is about 2,000 bytes smaller. Not really a whole lot, but it's something. What's more, the image looks no worse. (You should notice the “S” in Flash and the sparkles have changed.)



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