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Task: Import a Sound

The actual process of importing sounds into Flash is very simple. Follow these steps:

In a new file, select File, Import… and then select an audio file to import. (In Windows, you'll likely find a few WAV files in the folder C:\Windows\Media, or just search for *.wav and *.mp3; Macintosh users can run a Find for Files of Type: Sound.) You can filter the files shown in the Import dialog box by setting the Files of Type drop-down list to All Sound Formats, as shown in Figure 10.1).

Figure 10.1. When importing audio (or any media type for that matter), you can filter the types of files listed to include just sound formats.

After selecting an audio file and clicking OK in the Import dialog box, you probably won't see (or hear) anything different. However, the sound has been imported and now resides in the Library. Just open the Library window (Ctrl+L) to see it. Now that your movie contains the sound file, you can use the sound.

Although we're not covering how to “use” sounds in depth until the next section, it's very easy. Let's do it now. There are two basic ways to use the sound in a keyframe. One way is to drag the sound from the Library window onto the stage. However, this method requires an available editable frame (both an unlocked layer marked as editable with pencil and the current frame marker in a non-tweened frame). The other method requires you to select a keyframe (just click under “1” in your timeline) and then in the Properties panel select the sound you imported from the drop-down list (as shown in Figure 10.2). This list will display all the sounds previously imported into your movie.

Figure 10.2. The imported sound appears in both the Library and in the Properties panel (when a keyframe is selected).

Test the movie, and you should hear the sound. (Of course, your computer speakers and sound card must be functioning.)



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