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Hour 2. Drawing and Painting Original Ar... > Task: Draw and Modify Shapes

Task: Draw and Modify Shapes

This task combines what you've learned about fills and shapes, plus you'll learn a couple more tricks. Follow these steps:

Select the Oval tool and then set the stroke height (in the Properties panel) to something significant, such as 5 or greater.

Select colors for both the stroke and the fill—just not the “no color” diagonal red line.

Draw a circle. A circle is just an oval that happens to have equal height and width. To draw a circle, hold down the Shift key while you draw.

Now select the Rectangle tool, change the fill color, and draw a square (by holding down Shift while you draw).

To change the fill color of the circle, select the Paint Bucket, pick a new fill color, and then click inside the circle you drew. The current fill color is applied to the circle's fill. The Paint Bucket is easy to understand—it either creates a fill or changes a fill.

Now you'll look at another tool—the Ink Bottle tool. Select the Ink Bottle tool and then pick a different stroke color. Now click the edge of the circle you drew. The stroke color changes. What's really nice about this feature is that because the Ink Bottle tool only affects lines, you don't have to be particularly careful where you click. Usually you can just click anywhere on a shape and only the line portion changes.

The Ink Bottle tool doesn't just change the color of the stroke. When the Ink Bottle tool is selected, you can select a different height (say, 10) from the Properties panel. While you're there, pick a different stroke style. Now, click the circle again. You're affecting all the stroke portion's attributes.

Similar to how the Paint Bucket tool can create a fill, the Ink Bottle tool can create a stroke where there wasn't one to begin with. Use the Brush tool to draw a quick shape. Now, select the Ink Bottle tool and click the fill you just created. You'll add a stroke to the fill, effectively outlining it.



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