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Hour 2. Drawing and Painting Original Ar... > Task: Use the View Tools to Help You...

Task: Use the View Tools to Help You See

In this task you'll explore how to use both the Hand and the Zoom tools. Follow these steps:

Because you haven't drawn anything yet, you'll use one of the many sample files that ship with Flash MX. Open the file called “clock.fla” which is located next to your installed version of Flash in a folder FLA” which is, itself, in a folder called “Samples”. (Just select File, Open and navigate to C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Flash MX\Samples\FLA\clock.fla”.)

You can zoom in to critically inspect or change the artwork. Click to select the Zoom tool (it's the one that looks like a magnifying glass). Notice that, as with many other tools, when you select the Zoom tool, additional buttons appear in the Options section of the toolbar. You should see two more magnifying glasses appear in the Options area, as shown in Figure 2.2.

Figure 2.2. The Zoom tool has two options: Enlarge and Reduce.

Make sure Enlarge is selected (the one with the plus sign) and then click the Roman numeral III (3 o'clock in the clock on Stage). Click a few more times, and you'll keep zooming in.

While you're close up, chances are that most of the Stage is out of view. Of course, you can use the standard scrollbars on the left and bottom to change the portion of the (now huge) Stage. You can also use the Hand tool. Select the Hand and then click and drag to change your view.

Now you can zoom out. Just select the Zoom tool and make sure you remember to select the Reduce option (the one with the minus sign). Just click, and you'll zoom back out.



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